Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New yr

I think a lot of you visit this blog even though it looks barren ..thankyou ,thankyou and some more thanks .I really ,truly appreciate it .Iam not dead ,just busy with work and many other things that are on my plate now .But my food blog is thriving,so drop me a note there and I promise you I will respond back.
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Update on me : I made new beginnings last yr like I said.It was a promising year ,and I want to continue this year on the same note.I would like to know what's been happening with everyone.Do share:-)

and remember Iam NOT dead nor is my blog, so keep visiting

Take care & God bless

Monday, March 27, 2006

Hiatus Interruptus

I just intended to take a small nap and it turned into deep sleep , but iam up and back from my long sabbatical . For a while I thought I would not return to this world but it beckoned time and again and I couldnt say no ..

Though a little late , I dedicate this yr to hope and new beginnings .

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Post Christmas Elation and then some

3 days past Christmas and I was going through the pictures on my digital camera....Everyone loved the gifts I got them .So it was all worthwhile and made me happy .
A heightened sense of elation comes from looking at the pictures of my 5 yr old niece..literally lighting up as she saw her gifts and then opened them one by one ..Sometimes with a twinkle in her eye , othertimes a huge big grin and yet others admist peals and peals of laughter from getting something she wanted ..Loved those moments.

What stole my heart was "Nu mashi , thankyou for all the lovely gifts .I love them " She told me this atleast 10 times and I was jolted into knowing that she's now an articulate kid ,not the toothless, wordless infant I once knew .Yes, Time flies .

Look at these pictures and see what I mean :-)

"Wow , I have so many gifts .Oh my Gosh " (these were her exact words)

"Nu Mashi, Pink is my favorite color"

"Mommy , look what I got , a sparkly clock for my room, yay!!"

"Look, I've got wings"

"My (Uma's) stuff"

Those were a lovely few days spent with family.

Now, follow me as I get ready for the last party of the year appropriately called " Goodbye 2005, Welcome 2006". Come join me .The countdown has begun already.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Here comes CHRISTMAS

This is how the Christmas tree is at my place is looking right now.
Presents galore. Hope everyone is having a good holiday season .

And a Merry Christmas to you too :-)

Friday, December 23, 2005


So what does it take to make your day ??

For me it varies...A smile ,a hug ,"an I love you" from people I love, passing all my MBA exams(yipee),understanding & empathy in trying times ,chatting with my best pal, an "I believe in you"or "You can do it "when Iam down and out, perhaps an genuine compliment and a word of appreciation for bone breaking efforts made for someone......All of these double my joy because they are as unexpected as snowfall in July .......

My day is also made with a testimonial when I expect it least , infact when I dont expect it all.

Yesterday I logged onto orkut(an online site where one mostly makes friends from one's area or anyplace around the world) after what seemed an eternity; to ponder on my pointless existence in the online world and wonder how things had changed from last yr when I was so active there.Now I hardly logged on .And staring me right in my face were the following words..

" Meenal - warm and friendly. Has an uncanny ability to connect easily with people. She's a person you wont mind trusting anything with.

Her blog is a must read. She has an amazing ability of writing with a proportion of clarity and emotion that evokes thought while touching you deeply. Sounds a little strange, but sometimes I have found words for my thoughts in her blogs!

And yes, has thrown the most awesome parties I have attended in last few years. Awesome cook :D You do not want to miss her invites! "

A smile appeared on my face , a slight uncertain twitch which soon became an ear to ear grin.

I who have lately started becoming skeptical of making friends in the online world ...This was just what I needed ..........I admit I have met some good people out there.While some are genuine ,a lot fo them are total pseudo intellectuals , brimming with self importance and a notion of superiority waging a war of the words .Mostly my diligence has been rewarded and sometimes its been an exercise in futility .

These words are from a friend who was also skeptical (he thought my attempting to make friends with him was to snag him into some pyramid scheme ) of online friends and I kept telling him that it was possible to meet good people..Today he's a convert and so are a few others of my friends.

Thanks M for restoring my waning faith .It freinds like you , Sudarshan , Sudip , Aparna who I met in cyber space who make me reach out and find good people out there.............. I know once again that its worth it .

THANKYOU for making my day :-)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Rainier, Rainier

I love Mount rainier .At 14,410ft its a humungous natural "fixture" in Washington and what a lovely fixture it is .Covered in pristine white snow it can be daunting,calm,dangerous and breath takingly beautiful, all at the same time .

I see it from my bedroom window and from my living room every day.Now that's what one would call a view .

Here 's the mountain in its different avatars.

Rainier reflected in Tipsoo Lake

The mountain overseeing Tacoma

Rainier as seen from University of Washington

Rainier as seen from one of the trails

Sunset at Rainier

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Got answers, Santa ??

"You better watch out , You better not cry ,
You better not howl ,Iam telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town "

One of my favorite Christmas carols , this time I look forward to singing it with my 5 yr old niece . Christmas is around the corner and its time for her to make that trip to the mall and ask Santa some questions ...

Here's what a conversation between her and Santa would sound like

"What if there is no chimney ??"
Santa : If a house does not have a chimney, then I use some of my magic dust to make a chimney appear. Then the chimney disappears as soon as I leave.
"What's your favorite food ?"
Santa:My most favorite are cookies, but I'll eat just about anything that you like and that you leave for me on Christmas Eve.
"How do the reindeer fly?"
Santa :They eat special corn that makes them fly.
" How does Santa get all the toys into the sleigh at one time ?
Santa :Actually, my red toy sack is magical in that it is bottomless and continues to stay full until has made all his deliveries to all the children around the world.
"where do you get your red suit?"
Santa "My wife sews it for me "
"Why is your suit red?"
Santa : SoI wouldnt get lost in the snow.
"Will you always bring what I ask for ?"
Santa : Sometimes Santa thinks that what you ask for may not be the best gift for you, so he may give you something you will enjoy better.
" Do you really read all the letters you get ?"
Santa: Yes, each and every one.
"Well , thankyou Santa, I cant wait to see all the gifts you get me ."
Santa :Why , little one you are welcome .take care and God bless.Be good nowand BIG HUG!!

Santa Claus is coming to town ..HO.HO .HO !!!

Adapted from (

Meanwhile ,here's some of my Christmas cooking with a twist